System Vision and Use Cases

Use-Cases and System Vision

Annotum will be used in different ways by authors and publishers:

Diagram of local collaboration using Annotum

Figure 1: Local Collaboration Model

A group of collaborators use a local Annotum installation to author and collaborate on a series of articles, which are then published on the web or printed (PDF) for distribution to their friends and colleagues. (See Figure 1).

An online journal or university site accepts submissions via XML import or content authored on its in-house Annotum system.  The Journal can use Annotum editorial workflow features, or those of any existing system they prefer.  Approved, reviewed articles are published to the web and/or exported in XML format to a public repository such as NLM’s PubMed Central. (See Figure 2)

eJournal Publishing

Figure 2: eJournal Publishing with Annotum

System Vision

Figure 3 below shows a somewhat more expansive system vision with multiple publicly- and privately-hosted Annotum systems, collection of articles into journals and textbooks, and other scenarios.

system vision diagram

Figure 3: Annotum system "ecosystem" vision

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