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Annotum Feature / Enhancement Roadmap: What’s next?

Here’s a list of possible Annotum enhancements and fixes.  What’s important to you? Let us know by suggesting features at the Annotum Feedback Forum. Basic Enhancements Bug Fixes Fix all issues on the Annotum  open issues list. Author Facing Enhancements to WYSIWYG/WYSIWYAATD editing (even more elegant) edit images, edit equations, etc. add references to items […]

Brief #annotum Update – 1.01, Bug Fixes, and #scio12

Firstly, allow me to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone reading this.  The response to the launch of Annotum v1.0 has been very enthusiastic, and a number of you have launched journals and other sites based on your Knol content.  Some others are in the process of setting up new journals — all […]