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Annotum v2.0 is live!

Please see the release notes here, or go right to the download page on

Annotum 1.x problems with WordPress 3.9

Important: There is a significant incompatibility between WordPress 3.9 and all released versions of Annotum, and we strongly recommend that you hold off on upgrading to WordPress 3.9 for the time being. To be clear, this is an Annotum issue, not a problem with WordPress; issues include not being able to edit the article body […]

WordPress 3.5 – Hold on a sec…

Important: due to a slight incompatibility between WordPress 3.5 and some versions of Annotum, we recommend that you hold off on upgrading to WordPress 3.5 for the time being. In some cases, the article editor may disappear (meaning you can’t edit articles). Annotum on is unaffected; we hope to have a fix for self-hosted […]

Got knol content? Last chance to download is right now!

Greetings, Annotum followers. As noted in previous posts, the ability to download or transfer your knol content is being removed on October 1 – that’s Tomorrow (or tonight)! So if you have content on knol that you want to retain, go to the knol takeout page and download your knols to a file right now […]

The end is knol…

Attention knol users! The knol sunset is coming in just a few days. That means After May 1, you will no longer be able to create, view, enter or edit knols, but you will be able to export your knols to and download them to file through October 1st, 2012. You still have time […]

Brief #annotum Update – 1.01, Bug Fixes, and #scio12

Firstly, allow me to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone reading this.  The response to the launch of Annotum v1.0 has been very enthusiastic, and a number of you have launched journals and other sites based on your Knol content.  Some others are in the process of setting up new journals — all […]


Annotum is Live! We are pleased to announce the release of Annotum version 1.0 as a hosted theme on, a free theme on, and a freely available download on GitHub (forks welcome). I could write a long post about the many months of hard work by many people at Google, PLoS, NLM, Automattic, and particularly Crowd Favorite, all […]

Annotum Beta Release 1 Now Available

Beta! We’re pleased to announce the release of Beta 1 of Annotum. This release offers a significant increase in functionality over our alpha release from some months ago, and apart from a few known issues, it is essentially feature complete. So, check out the release notes, download the theme files, or try out the stand-alone […]

Annotum screenshots (eye candy!) and demo site

Eye Candy – Detailed Walkthrough As part of our preparation for JATS-CON (see below) we have created a detailed walkthrough of Annotum’s features.  You’ll find the walkthrough right here, or click “Screenshots” in the right navigation menu. Updated Demo Site The Annotum team is pleased to announce the launch of the Annotum Demonstration site at […]