Got knol content? Last chance to download is right now!

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Greetings, Annotum followers. As noted in previous posts, the ability to download or transfer your knol content is being removed on October 1 – that’s Tomorrow (or tonight)! So if you have content on knol that you want to retain, go to the knol takeout page and download your knols to a file right now or lose access to them forever.

As always, please let us know via if you have any questions about how to install, configure, or use Annotum. Please don’t comment on posts here; the Uservoice link is the best place to submit support requests and questions.

There’s a lot coming up with Annotum – some minor improvements in the coming weeks and a major editor upgrade in the works – follow this site or @annotum on Twitter for the latest Annotum news.

Finally, a genuine thank you to the Google knol team and everyone else who helped us create and make Annotum available – and particularly those knol users without whose patience and cooperation we would never have been able to provide Annotum (for free)!

Annotum is a product of Solvitor LLC with heavy lifting by Crowd Favorite.

Special thanks to: Google, PLoS, NIH/NLM/NCBI, and Automattic.

Annotum is free (speech and beer).

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