Annotum Feature / Enhancement Roadmap: What’s next?

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Here’s a list of possible Annotum enhancements and fixes.  What’s important to you? Let us know by suggesting features at the Annotum Feedback Forum.

Basic Enhancements

Bug Fixes

Author Facing

  • Enhancements to WYSIWYG/WYSIWYAATD editing (even more elegant)
    • edit images, edit equations, etc.
    • add references to items (fig, table) within current article
    • Some way to delete an entire wrapper. For example, an easy way to select an entire figure, or an entire table wrapper
    • Ability to insert ‘parts’ into wrappers. Example: oops, we deleted a caption in the figure, but want to add it back in. No other way to do this currently outside of inserting a new figure.
    • Better handling of ‘broken’ tag structure (i.e., don’t permit removal of required tags, better cleanup for invalid DTD markup)
    • Allow nested subsections with appropriate heading levels
    • More support for paste from Word, other rich formats
    • Refactor / re-evaluate the tinyMCE experience.
  • References and Media
    • Reference management including import/export API (Zotero, Endnote, etc.) and sharing across articles.
    • Media “archive”: easier to mange (tag) assets uploaded to a journal to be reused across articles
    • Richer media handling e.g. video
  • Template system (pre-defined article sections)
  • Profile integration (Author profile and WordPress profile); links to existing author databases
  • General UI simplification. Hide more of WordPress interface [c.f. Adminimize plugin]

Review Process / Workflow

  • Inline document annotation/markup (comments at a specific point in the text)richer collaboration model
  • allowance for designation of reviewer groups or other ways to select large numbers of reviewers
  • Configurable workflow (additional states?)

Back End

  • Hosting: wider support for various hosting environments; preconfigured one-click installers for popular hosts (GoDaddy, DreamHost, Media Temple, PHPFog)
  • WordPress back-end improvements (eg: remove ‘Trash’ button if cannot actually trash an article)
  • Custom article list management screen
  • Rethink/redo “Author Snapshots”, there should be some way to edit this directly, currently its wiped out every time a published article is manually saved.
  • Email notification enhancements
    • Configurable Templates
    • Individual Opt-in/out
  • Code Cleanup / Refactoring
    • Refactor portions of the JS for consistency, and there are portions which could use a little DRY methodology
    • Refactor the save process a bit.
    • For internal/review comments Extend the listtableclass
    • Adjust the portions borrowed from WP Core, and importer to our coding standard
    • Remove unused portions (mostly in the importer) from the code – left in for code review comparing
  • Add relevant hooks in various spots, so this could be extended by more plugins and contributors.


  • Complete support for NLM Journal Article DTD (not just a subset).
  • Additional themes/designs
  • Tablet/smartphone template
  • Improved PDF output
  • eBook (ePub or AZW) output

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Annotum is free (speech and beer)

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