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For a few weeks now, we’ve been putting out (via @annotum on Twitter) links to a preview version of the Annotum Beta. We’ve decided to add a post here as well for those of you who don’t follow the Twitter stream. Please note that this preview release is for the more technically-minded and is not suitable for production use. Please have a look at the release notes before you get started.

Here’s the latest tweet for your linking and downloading pleasure:

New preview: New DOI and PubMed lookup, Better XML. Theme Full App Readme:

Translation: There’s a new preview available today with enhanced CrossRef DOI and PubMed ID lookups and better XML output than in previous releases. You can download the “full app” (basically a complete, stand-alone version of WordPress and Annotum [Windows only]) from or just the theme code from

Please note that while some features such as the table and image insertion have been enhanced, some other features are still on the to-do list, from equations to WXR/XML import and PDF output. As always feedback is welcome either via this site or via the Annotum discussion list.

Happy previewing,

-The Annotum Team


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  1. Michael Rowe

    Hi there. I recently became aware of Annotum while looking for an alternative to traditional publishing platforms and I really like where you’re going with the project. Is there any way to play around with it without having to do a full install myself i.e. do you have a demo site?

  2. annotum

    We’re in the process of setting up a sandbox to allow people to give Annotum a try, but for now your options are limited to installing the theme in your own WordPress setup, or using the Annotum2Go version. If you are running Windows, Annotum2Go does allow you to run the complete application (including Annotum, WordPress, web server and database) from any local directory with no configuration required. Simply unzip the Annotum2Go distribution package to a local drive and run the .exe.

    • Michael Rowe

      Awesome, downloading it now. Thanks 🙂

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